Accidents happen, and no one knows that better than a commuter in the Metro Atlanta area. Big or small, accidents cause injuries, and whiplash can occur at speeds as slow as 5mph. Our office specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of such soft tissue injuries including ligament sprains, muscle strains, disc herniations/bulges, whiplash, and the like.

Phases of Care

1. Relief: Treatments focus on those techniques and therapies which most quickly and effectively reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasm. An additional goal is full pain free range of motion.

2. Corrective: Once pain and discomfort have subsided, tissue healing and functional correction is many times still incomplete and will often require additional treatments. Office treatment will include both a manual component as well as exercises.

3. Wellness: Once the tissues are healed and the biomechanics and movement patterns have normalized the patient may be recommended to continue with periodic checkups. For some this might mean once per year, for others this may mean once per month or more. For most patients it may not be necessary.

For more detailed information, please see our Chiropractic Care page.

Medical and Imaging Referrals

During your care, it may be necessary for you to be seen my multiple providers. By combining multiple specialists, we ensure that you receive the best care and attention possible. As necessary, we will refer you to imaging specialists for X-Rays, MRI or CT scans. Also, we can refer you to medial doctors that specialize in pain management if there is a need for medication, or injections.

Payment Options

MedPay- Your car insurance policy may include Medical Payments (MedPay). This will help pay the medical costs for you and your covered passengers. This coverage protects you and your loved ones no matter who is at fault in the accident. These are additional funds that may increase the overall amount of the settlement.

Attorney Lien- With a lien, there is no immediate out of pocket cost to you. We will provide you care, and we will receive payment once your case is settled.

Attorney Referrals

Negotiating through attorney ads can be daunting. Large firm, small firm, women, men, near or far, we can refer you to an attorney that fits your needs. We have worked with several firms, and can give you a short list to choose from, depending on your desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my treatment plan be?
That will vary patient to patient, but generally treatment plans are for roughly 20 visits.

How long is each visit?
Regular visits last 15-20 minutes. Your initial visit is longer due to paperwork and the initial exam.

When will I receive my settlement?
Once you complete your care at this office, we will send your records to your attorney. Your attorney will collect paperwork from all of you providers/imaging companies, and demand payment from the at-fault driver's insurance company. We have seen settlements received as early as 3 months after treatment and as late as 2 years. It all depends on your individual case.


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