Thank you for choosing us for your next DOT Exam.

The physical examination you take for your medical certificate confirms that you are healthy enough to safely perform the demanding job of a CMV driver and keep our Nation’s roads safe.

At the completion of the DOT Physical exam, our office will provide your DOT Certificate and Long Form, according to the FMCSA  guidelines.

Feel free to review some general information about your next Atlanta DOT CDL Physical. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to give us a call.  

What to Expect

When you arrive, you’ll fill out the first two pages of the Medical Examination Report form. Use the form to indicate any prior or current health conditions. These may include:

  •      Brain injuries or neurological disorders
  •      Epilepsy or seizures
  •      Loss of hearing
  •      Heart attack or heart disease
  •      Impaired vision
  •      Kidney disease
  •      Digestive problems
  •      Depression and anxiety disorders
  •      Dizziness or fainting
  •      Paralysis
  •      Stroke
  •      Missing limbs
  •      Spinal cord injuries
  •      Chronic pain

Be honest in this form. If you’re not, you could have your certificate revoked.

Your doctor will go over this form and ask additional questions. He or she will check your lung function, heart, digestive track, and coordination. Some basic tests are also included in the exam:


Blood Pressure



If the driver passes all the tests in the physical, he or she will get the ME Certificate. In most cases, it’s good for 24 months. Although, sometimes, the physical examiner will certify the driver for a shorter period if they find certain medical conditions that warrant monitoring.

Frequent Questions

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What if I have "white coat syndrome", or I'm feeling stressed?

Do I have to take a drug test?

If you have more specific questions, please give us a call. We look forward to scheduling your next DOT Physical!

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